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    The Third Level. by Jack Finney. 1. The presidents of the New York Central and the New York, New Haven and Hartford railroads will swear on. The Third Level by Jack Finney Discussion of background information and vocaubulary Setting of the story: Grand Central Station Download. The Third Level book. Read 4 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Collier's, October 7, , (15)

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    The Third Level By Jack Finney Download

    THE THIRD LEVEL - Free download as Word Doc .doc), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. The Third Level - Download as Word Doc .doc /.docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File level clearly explores the science fiction genre of time travel; Jack Finney, the. The Third Level [Jack Finney] on *FREE* The Third Level by Jack Finney. Get your Kindle here, or download a FREE Kindle Reading App.

    What does the third level refer to? How did the narrator chance upon this third level? Describe the third level of Grand central. How did the narrator make sure he was in the different time zone? Where did the narrator want to go and why? Why could he not reach Galesburg? How did he find the proof that the third level is still there? How had Sam got there? What is the third level? Who was Charley? Charley told his experience of the third level to his frond. Who was this friend and how did he react? How was the experience of Charley an escape? Why did Charley coin the experience of the third level?

    What does Sam's letter reveal about the third level?

    Ask if there are any questions, then give the students the lesson's printable worksheet to assess their understanding of the story. Check the answers as a class. Activities Review the vocabulary.

    Using the highlighters, have students work with a partner to highlight the places in the text where Sam's name is mentioned. Discuss why the author chose not to name him until the end of the story.

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    What effect is accomplished by waiting until the final line to reveal that Sam is Charley's psychiatrist? Connect the surprise reveal in this story to other books and movies the students are familiar with by having students brainstorm a list of stories with a similar structure.

    It was ideal for burgeoning history lovers, never lecturing its readers. Essentially, anyone can go back in time.

    The Third Level: Jack Finney

    All you have to do is recreate a situation exactly as it might have been at a selected date, then hypnotize yourself into thinking it into reality. For this reason, the Dakota Apartments are chosen for the time experiment. As it did. Picture our arraging — as we are — to sublet that very apartment for those identical months during the coming summer….

    I believe it may be possible this summer, just barely possible, you understand, for a man to walk out of that unchanged apartment and into that other summer. This worksheet ask questions while the reader reads. Every couple of sentences, there's another question in true or false, fill in the blank, define, multiple choice formats.

    As the student reads, boom, another question. They answer it and continue reading.

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    It will take about minutes for the students to complete this worksheet depending on the student. This worksheet was made with cost effective photocopying in mind. The worksheet is 2 pages.