PEREK SHIRAH. “He teaches us from the animals of the land, and from the birds of the heavens He makes us wise.” (Job ). “Rabbi Yochanan said: Had. With Hashem's loving grace. Perek Shira. Translated and edited by. Rabbi Eliezer Raphael (Lazer) Brody. Ashdod, (). Perek Shirah, A Chapter of Song, is an anonymously written, ancient text. The work is a list of 84 elements in nature and an accompanying verse from the.

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    Perek Shira Pdf

    Perek Shira is a mystical text of 84 elements of the world praising Hashem and teaching lessons. This ancient prayer tells how all of creation sings its daily song . GENERATIONS OF SONG – PEREK SHIRA. Music and Lyrics by Malki Giniger. VERSE A. Take a look around you. A symphony of sound. Creation in its rhythm. Perek Shira: Melody Of the Universe. Download pathelpdisclida.gq3 · Download

    There are a number of versions extant, some associated with the Ashkenazic tradition, some with the Sephardic , and some with the Mizrahi Jews tradition. Use of Perek Shirah used to be prevalent in the daily liturgy and medieval philosopher Joseph Albo wrote that whoever recites Perek Shirah is guaranteed a place in the World to Come. Some of the utilized verses make mention of the speaker. For example, the song begins with the heavens who say, "the heavens speak of the glory of God, and of His handiwork the skies tell. The vast majority of the verses of Perek Shirah are biblical, and most of these are from the book of Psalms , but there are also a few verses from the Babylonian Talmud , at least one from Kabbalistic literature, and a very few whose source is unknown. In modern times, Perek Shirah does not often appear liturgically. However there are many publishers who publish Perek Shirah as a separate entity, anywhere from a wallet -sized booklet to full-sized coffee table books complete with pictures illustrating each of the characters speaking to God.

    About this 7. Judah D. Eisenstein, 2 vols. New York, , 37 [] : 77— In some cases realistic ones and varies in composition from ark to ark. In study. This group, depicted symmetrically on either side of a few arks this creature is depicted at the bottom of the the longitudinal axis and especially on the panels and side wing of the second or third tier.

    Of all the animals, this is the only one whose source is the sea. Above it, on the same wing, and also on the panels adjoining the wing, land animals such as the bear, ram, sheep, goat, billy goat, gazelle, hart, squirrel, rabbit, stork, and snake are depicted. In between them, and mostly above them, are a variety of winged creatures, particularly the eagle. The common denominator of all these groups, even when they include only a limited number of living creatures, is the representation of creatures which inhabit the sea, land, and air.

    The richest variety and complexity of these creatures is found on the Torah ark of the Great Synagogue in the town of Druja in the district of Vitebsk, today part of Belarus and located near the Lithuanian border. Many of the Jews of Druja were involved in the local soap industry.

    A r s 13 The scholarly assumption attributes the planning of this synagogue to the Venetian architect Antonio Paracco who was active on Polish territory since ca.

    Leipzig, —50 , I 2 0 0 6 would like to thank my colleague, Dr Ilia Rodov, for this information Fig. Torah ark, detail: left column, panels and wing, Olkienniki, about Antonio Paracco. Thus the great synagogue in Druja is the focus This Torah ark, together with the platform on which of this study and conclusions will be drawn from it about it stands, rises to a height of about eight meters and the others. The ark The base of the ark is carved in the form of a pair of is designed as an architectural structure of three tiers, large lions posed in a protective position with their heads gradually narrowing towards the top.

    It is made of carved turned outwards. In the center of each tier a rectangular frame A r s inhabited by carved creatures. Although he did not cite his source for this My Town , in Sefer Druya, 42— The front rounded upper edges, recalling the Tablets of the Law.

    Above the cylindrical column capitals differ from tier to tier. Although this motif is not our concern in this article, Above the doors is a cornice that protrudes arch-like A r s it should be mentioned since it is one of the most common motifs towards the front of the ark.

    Its upper margin is wavy, and appearing on European Torah arks. Eagles, geese, and storks all face forward.

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    In the of foliate carvings. A bird pecking at its carved vegetal decorations. Above them is a crown with a tail. In the center, behind the crown, is a creatures. Chains dangle from the beaks of these eagles. Whoever acquires it will have the opportunity to review the pleasant guidance of Torah Sages, who understand that an objective look at the improvements which one should undertake, is more easily digested than cold and hard rebuke. The lightning bolts instantly strike and redress the imbalance.

    Man sometimes becomes lost in the material world, forgetting about the spiritual. There, too, something must be done. When it is sixty to ninety feet from the ground, it is met by an upward-seeking discharge of electricity some two or three inches in diameter and surrounded by a five-inch sleeve of superheated air.

    Perek Shirah

    The stroke packs 10, to 20, amperes and instantly cooks the surrounding air to a temperature of 50, degrees Fahrenheit or more, causing it to expand violently in a roar of thunder. When the return stroke enters the cloud, another leader descends and is, in turn, met by another rising charge. The reader will be treated to many more interesting quotes, facts and insights. May Rabbi Slifkin merit to reap great blessing as his perspective is imbibed and incorporated into the daily conduct of his uplifted readers. Zion Nefesh

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