“The Godfather” By Mario Puzo. 2. Book One. Chapter 1. Behind every great fortune there is a crime – Balzac. Amerigo Bonasera sat in New York Criminal Court. Is this answer still relevant and up to date? Related Questions (More Answers Below). Where can I download PDF/epub of Mario Puzo's novel "The Godfather"?. has made two successful films: The Godfather 3 () and Bram. Stoker's Dracula (). Mario Puzo has written several films as well as books. His best-.

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    Online PDF The Godfather, Read PDF The Godfather, Full PDF The Godfather, PDF ePub Mobi The Godfather, Reading PDF The Godfather, Book PDF The. The Godfather has 12 entries in the series. The Sicilian. The Godfather (Series) . Book 2. Mario Puzo Author (). cover image of The Sicilian. We hear the music "Connie's Wedding (The Godfather Tarantella)". CUT TO: .. this book. A bestseller and the main character, it's a guy just like me. I uh.

    Godfather Death Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm A poor man had twelve children and had to work day and night in order just to feed them. Thus when the thirteenth came into the world, not knowing what to do in his need, he ran out into the highway, intending to ask the first person whom he met to be the godfather. The first person who came his way was our dear God, who already knew what was in his heart, and God said to him, "Poor man, I pity you. I will hold your child at his baptism, and care for him, and make him happy on earth. Then he turned away from the Lord, and went on his way. Then the devil came to him and said, "What are you looking for? If you will take me as your child's godfather, I will give him an abundance of gold and all the joys of the world as well. You deceive mankind and lead them astray. You take away the rich as well as the poor, without distinction. You shall be my child's godfather.

    Though Carlo is seen as a half-breed by the Corleones.

    The Godfather Book 1 Chapter 2 Summary | Course Hero

    One of which is securing his Godson a starring role in a movie. He goes about doing this by giving the movie director an offer which he cannot refuse. The family is after all among the highest priorities within the mafia world.

    One being his oldest son Sonny, the middle son Fredo, who is very dutiful but also not the sharpest mind. Virgil Sollozzo, a Turk, comes to town and approaches Don Corleone asking for his protection to run his narcotics business. Vito is hit by five bullets but manages to survive. This assassination attempt signaled the start of the war between the Corleones and the other families.

    Recovery from being shot was only the first of major troubles for the Corleones. Sonny is gunned down later on by rival families.

    After this Fredo is sent away for his own safety. He is put to hide out for three years in Sicily after he murdered the police captain and also Sollozzo. Analysis Book 1, Chapter 2 of The Godfather introduces the theme of business versus personal.

    Because of The Godfather novel and films, the saying "It's business not personal" has become famous. This quote implies that Mafia members commit murders purely for business reasons, not personal reasons. However in the novel, the Don's family and other Mafia families constantly mix business and personal.

    For example, to get Woltz to give Johnny a part in a movie, Hagen finds out the movie mogul's main personal attachment, namely his horse Khartoum. In the previous chapter, Woltz talks to the horse in a loving way, saying softy "Khartoum, Khartoum.

    Soon Woltz finds the severed head of Khartoum in his bed.

    What is The Godfather Effect?

    Later, Sonny speaks out of turn to Sollozzo, thereby exposing his personal feelings about the Turk's proposed deal. For the Don, Sonny has committed a grave mistake because he should never let anyone outside the family know his personal preferences. However, despite the Don's insistence on keeping business and personal separate, he is unable to prevent the two from mixing.

    Sonny has exposed a chink in the family's armor, which contributes to the attempted killing of the Don. The precariousness of the Don's criminal work shows through the themes of loyalty versus treachery and power and greed. In the previous chapter, the Don seems to be doing a service by rectifying unjust situations such as punishing the attackers of Bonasera's daughter.

    However, the motivations for the criminals in organized crime have nothing to do with obtaining justice, but rather with using power for greedy ends. For instance, the Don's decline of Sollozzo's offer could be seen as a reasonable and just business decision.

    The Don has good reasons for refusing the offer. A business person should be free to make such decisions without fear of recrimination. However, because Sollozzo and the Tattaglia family he represents are obsessed with greed, specifically getting rich from selling heroin, the Don's refusal is totally unacceptable.

    As a result, Sollozzo uses violence to get what he wants. Such motivations make the Don's world very precarious. The loyalty of friends he has tried to build up could vanish in an instant if a so-called friend wants something and the Don gets in his way.

    Although the Don is fully aware of this precariousness, he suffers from it by being shot. Sonny also knows about the treachery of his world. After the shooting of the Don, Sonny immediately suspects friends of the family of being disloyal, namely Paulie and Clemenza.

    In addition, Puzo explores the theme of the patriarchal family through Sollozzo's attack on the Corleones. Sollozzo of course knows that the Corleones and the other Mafia families adhere to a strict patriarchal structure.

    Book:The Godfather series

    The Don is the supreme head of his family. He makes all of the important decisions about his clan, and others carry out his orders. Therefore, the best way to attack such a patriarchy is by killing the leader. Doing this is like chopping off the head of a serpent, leaving the rest of the animal useless.

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